Moving House is a Bitch…

On September 9, I moved house. I understand such things are a necessary evil when life moves forward, but it is a hell I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It was a tedious, tiresome task that was made all the more difficult when the packing process was interrupted and halted by the sudden death of my […]

Fancy Pants New Laptop

As my none-too-subtle title will indicate, I am writing this post from my new, super spiffy laptop! My old one was on it’s last legs, and my dog liked to walk over the keyboard, dislodging many keys as he went. I identify myself as a writer; how the bleeding hell am I meant to write […]

What have I been up to lately?

On assessment, the short answer seems to be ‘sweet bugger all’, but upon looking at the wider scope of things, I appear to be quite busy. We put our house on the market about two months ago; it sold last week. I’m doing another business course, a Cert IV this time. I absolutely loathe it. […]


School balls to be specific. I don’t know about other places in the world but in my neck of the woods all the way down here in a little town in Western Australia, school balls are typically held at the beginning of the year. The excuse for this is so girls aren’t acting like hummingbirds […]

Christmas 2013 Gifts

It struck me today that while I purport this blog to be a ‘journey through the stuff I do’, I’ve yet to share what I do! So, in case you were wondering, here is a selection of things I made as Christmas 2013 gifts. The Dr Who stitches went to my brothers’ girlfriend, the Pacman […]