Fancy Pants New Laptop

As my none-too-subtle title will indicate, I am writing this post from my new, super spiffy laptop! My old one was on it’s last legs, and my dog liked to walk over the keyboard, dislodging many keys as he went. I identify myself as a writer; how the bleeding hell am I meant to write without the full cooperation of my ‘A’ and ‘S’ keys? So, after trawling the internet (actually, it was on the first site I looked at, but I’m stingy and tried to find it even cheaper than its sale price…) I found a suitable new writing companion within my price range, and it is ever so nice! It’s last years’ model, but who gives a toss? It has the internet, Microsoft Word and a fully functional keyboard! All I need at this particular point in time. My only complaint is the lack of disc drive, but baby brother tells me such hardware is being phased out, and all I have to say is BOLLOCKS TO THAT! Ridiculous! Who cares if the rest of the world are pirates? I still use discs, Goddamnit!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my latest $200+ acquisition, since I don’t make many of those at the best of times. When I’ve finally moved house and pushed through my uni application, I might have something more substantial to share with you then, but until that time, I remain dull and uninteresting, unless my purchasing exploits excite you, in which case I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend you find something else to tickle your fancy, you weirdo.


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