Christmas 2013 Gifts


It struck me today that while I purport this blog to be a ‘journey through the stuff I do’, I’ve yet to share what I do! So, in case you were wondering, here is a selection of things I made as Christmas 2013 gifts. The Dr Who stitches went to my brothers’ girlfriend, the Pacman one went to my brother and the amigurumi snitch and Charmander were Secret Santa gifts.

As far as patterns go, I found the backstitched Dr Who one while trawling Google Images for free patterns and the K-9 one is a modification of a finished product I saw. The Pacman one I actually saw on some random guys shirt, but he disappeared before I could ask about it (if anyone could refer me to the original artist/brand I’d be much obliged). The amigurumi pattern for the Charmander came courtesy of Corlista on Etsy (she’s got some adorable chibi Pokemon patterns!), and the snitch pattern was free from


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