A nasty little surprise…

I’m sorry to the two of you (and I’m being very generous with myself assuming there are even two of you) that read this, I quite simply haven’t had all that much to share lately. Until now, that is…

So, last week I found a number of transactions on my online bank statement that weren’t mine, close to $1000 worth. As you would assume, I panicked and called the bank and they put a block on my card, but as you would know if you’ve ever been the victim of credit card fraud, there isn’t a whole lot the bank can do until these transactions are actually visible on your statement. So, so begins the fun task of seeing just where this douche is spending my money. Lets say, I was not amused.

This arsehole dropped nearly $300 on fucking Minecraft! $500 on some sort of theme park package, and the last couple of hundred went on a Chinese joke shop and porn! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this little twerp is fifteen years old! Which brings me around to my observation; I’m more pissed off about where my money is going rather than the fact that it was stolen in the first place! Is that weird? I’m borderline offended with what this kid is doing with my money! God, if you’re going to rob me at least make it interesting! Buy and international plane ticket and hop the country or something!

Either way, the bank seemed confident I’d get the money back, but I’d love to meet this person, if only to ask ‘why’. Of all the things you could buy with money that isn’t your own, why fricking Minecraft? Maybe, because I don’t play Minecraft myself, I’m missing the appeal, but of all the things you could do… Minecraft. And theme parks. And jokes. And porn. Yep. He’s definitely a teenager.


2 thoughts on “A nasty little surprise…

  1. To be fair, it might not be a teenager! There are plenty of immature older folk out there that would spend money that way. But I totally understand why you’d be offended with the use of your money!

  2. I’m definitely an immature older person too, though I’m not much for online gaming where you need to upgrade or add to what you have. It was just the first thought that struck me when I saw the charges! I mean jeez, buy a friggin’ flatscreen or something!

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