Because fluff my education, that’s why!

I have an essay due today. Or, to be more specific, a draft essay due today. I have to drop 1000 words on the subject popular media creating unrealistic perceptions of female beauty and if I’m being totally honest, I cannot be arsed doing it. For one thing, only 1000 words?  It’s a very rich subject area, one most opinionated females could drop upwards of 5000 words on, it hardly seems worth it if I can’t make my argument in a way that I’d like without being docked marks for going over the word limit! Instead I’m sitting here in the (almost) dark wondering whether or not I should clean out my wardrobe. Still haven’t decided yet, instead I wrote another little fan fic and posted it. I don’t know why I’m not saying what it is; if you followed the link from my fan fic profile you know it’s Pokemon stuff anyway! Now I’m debating with myself if I should stop writing the pairing I normally write or keep writing PokeShipping, which was what I wrote today, and it got WAY more reviews and views and likes and such than any of my EgoShipping stuff… I’m certainly going to fail this course… I don’t know why but lately not a single fuck has been given as to the state of my education. If I plan to study creative writing then isn’t my writing fan fiction way more productive than some silly undersized essay anyway? Meh, what does it matter? I came on here instead too!

I’ll have something more productive to say another day, I’m not feeling as witty as I normally do, so excuse this silly post. I just feel obligated to post on here at least somewhat often, even if it is mainly for my own benefit. Anyhoo, good days to anyone who reads this, those of you who are are… odd, reading this newbie blog, but awesome! It’s flattering and lovely to think anyone’s even glancing this way 🙂

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