Want to know a dirty little secret?

I write fan fiction. Yes, cue the jeers and the taunts, I don’t care. I love writing it. It’s the perfect writing practice. I don’t have to worry about establishing characters or a setting, I just focus on the plot and actually writing the story. If you’re a fledgling, aspiring writer then I cannot recommend writing a fan fic enough. You get a good gauge on just how you are as a writer and most sites have a very solid followings so there’s always someone to let you know how you’re doing.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the stigma associated with fan fiction is crap. True, if you go looking for it you will find a lot of sex. An unholy amount of sex actually, in every conceivable fandom, position, pairing, sexual orientation, group sex, solo sex, kinky sex, BDSM, seriously, whatever floats your boat, it’s out there! But some authors on these sites are brilliant; in all honesty if some of these authors applied themselves to original work then they could certainly be successful, published authors in their own right. I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed for reading the occasional piece. Especially if you’re like me and thought the epilogue to the ‘Harry Potter’ series was bull shit. I know the story wasn’t a romance but seriously, pairing Hermione with Ron at the end was a questionable decision at best. And I’m still pretty angry about Sirius and Remus dying. That was gay too. Fan fiction allows you to explore how the series might have progressed with some minor changes. Hermione is with Draco now and there’s some solid Weasley bashing in the background? A tired, contrived and overused plot but still awesome to read if it’s written well! Sirius is brought back from the veil? Yes, please!

I’m rather liking having this blog. I’ve never told a soul I write fan fiction. I’m too worried I’ll get a response like “Oh, like ‘Fifty Shades’? I loved that series! That was a fan fic too!” and I’ll have to say “No! Not like fucking ‘Fifty Shades’! My 100 word drabbles are better than the entire fucking trilogy!” and I just don’t think that’ll end well, especially with my own mother being so into those books…

An odd post but something to keep in mind 😉

3 thoughts on “Want to know a dirty little secret?

  1. There’s nothing wrong with writing fan fic! (Well, most of the time, depending on what you’re writing – I was once dared to write a smutty scene involving Sirius and Buckbeak… but did get a nice comment or two on how well it was written, although it wasn’t a subject matter they were interested in!) Keep writing, and doing things that make you happy – I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts 🙂

    • Oh, my! I think I saw that! Either that or there are a few Sirius/Buckbeak tales floating around out there! I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the guts to click! It was kinda like “Whoa! Moving on then!”

  2. Haha, it’s something you’d hope there wouldn’t be many of! I’d like to add I was fairly drunk when writing it as well – good old student days. It’s sometimes fun to have a go at writing something outside of your comfort zone, and often gives an interesting result!

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